Industry News

Tired of damaged and flat combine tires? Try the Combine Smasher.

With the great success and feedback from the Stalk Smasher, which attaches to the front of a tractor, Ringsted Welding and Fabrication is proud to present the Combine Smasher. Combine tires are expensive and need to be protected when in the fields, the Combine Smasher is a great way to protect your investment. RWF offer two types of smashers: shoe- and roller-style. Both attach easily behind the combine heads and will completely eliminate stalk damage in the field! Read more

Bigham Brothers announces acquisition of Pitonyak Machinery Corporation

Bigham Brothers, Inc., a manufacturer of tillage and cultivation equipment, of Lubbock, Texas announces the acquisition of Pitonyak Machinery Corporation (PMC) and its entire line of farm equipment. PMC is known for products such as the Hipper Roller® and GCX Grain Carts, historically sold primarily in the Mid-South region. PMC is a successor to the company founded by E.E. Brandt in Carlisle, Arkansas in 1913, selling its first grain cart in 1947.  Read more

T.R.S. Industries introduces Lock Down and Rolbot Electric tarp systems

T.R.S. is proud to introduce the Rolbot and Lock Down Electric Roll Tarp Systems. The Rolbot system is designed with a flexible back arm for end dump, live bottom, and any trailer with a back door. It features a hinge joint with 3-point adjustment for various load conditions, manual override in case of electric failure, and an arm that sits lower then the end caps so there will be no auger interference. The system comes with remote box that is waterproof and a large button key fob. The arms come pre-assembled with a tractor wiring kit and an easy one-piece mounting bracket.

T.R.S. manufactures many of the parts for Roll Tarp Systems and stocks a wide selection of replacement tarps, lumber tarps, and steel tarps. Read more

9 Easy Steps to Make Crop Reporting a Positive Experience

Digi‐Star LLC recommends a few simple steps of preparation for the harvest season to make crop insurance reporting and record keeping a much easier and accurate process.

Joni Naylor, a crop insurance specialist for Farm Credit Mid‐America in Indiana, reminds producers that they need “hard records” for claims processing, like weigh tickets and settlement sheets from a third party. They also need “soft records” to differentiate where the grain actually originated. Some producers have kept load records on anything from the inside of a soda carton to printed spreadsheets, but a print out from a grain cart scale is certainly preferred. Read more

Wind, Waves Or Weather - Schweiss Doors are Ideal for Boathouses

Imagine having a fun family day on the water in your favorite fishing or speed boat. As the sun is setting or a sudden thunderstorm or high winds force you off the lake, you now have to rush to get your boat tied up and unloaded.

Or, you can do what others have done and have a Schweiss hydraulic or bifold door mounted to your new or existing boathouse that has a remote control opener so all you have to do is push a button, drive your boat in or out and shut the door behind you. Read more

Bestway announces new AutoGlide auto boom height control system

Bestway Inc. a leading specialty agricultural equipment manufacturer and marketer recently announced the introduction of the AutoGlide automatic sprayer boom height control system for most self-propelled, pull type and large 3-point mounted sprayers. The new AutoGlidesystem uses rugged ultrasonic range sensors mounted on the spray boom to continually monitor and maintain the height of the booms above the ground or crop canopy. The AutoGlide system delivers more consistent spray patterns, better coverage, and reduced drift potential. With AutoGlide, operator fatigue is reduced allowing you to cover more acres in a day. Read more

Calmer Corn Heads display worlds first 30 row corn head at Decatur Farm Progress Show, Lot #621

Marion Calmer, inventor and CEO of Calmer Corn Heads, and the team have done it even bigger for 2013. Calmer Corn Heads will display the world’s first 30 row corn head. That is 30-12 inch rows! Guinness Book of World Records has been contacted to record this as being the largest number of rows ever assembled on a corn head. This corn head is also equipped with SUPER Calmer BT Chopper Hydraulic Plate Trash Reduction/Decomposition Kits. A History of “world’s firsts” have been displayed by Calmer throughout the years at the Farm Progress Shows. In 2002 Calmer introduced the world’s first 15” corn head, a 16 row-15”. In 2009 Calmer introduced the largest 15” corn head, a 24 row-15” corn head.

REM releases the redesigned GrainVac VRX

The REM completely redesigned GrainVac VRX sets a whole new standard in efficiency, speed, and durability. Every component has been examined, questioned, engineered, and tested to levels beyond extreme. The signature shape of the VRX is all about speed. Specifically designed to minimize impact and maximize the auger feed – with the drive shaft mounted on the outside where you can get at it. Read more

Stor-Loc can solve all your tool storage needs

Stor-Loc modular drawer system is proud to introduce the latest in their product line – the MM33. Never before has so much storage been available in a one-piece, 12-foot long mobile cabinet. The MM33 measures in at 44”H x 144”W x x30”D and comes complete with a stainless steel work surface. Factory installed heavy duty caster will allow for easy movement around the shop when needed. A steel pegboard back allowing instant access to your most used parts and tools. Optional accessories include under-riser lighting and duplex electrical outlets. The MM33 is available in a complete range of colors to match any of your current equipment. Read more

Keep your farm shop clean with the T3000 Series

The Industrial Maid T 3000 series air cleaners have been used in hundreds of farm shops, implement repair and diesel repair shops to control welding smoke and fumes, grinding dust, nuisance dusts and diesel smoke. This simple yet effective air filtration system can be chain hung and uses two stages of filtration to separate dust, fumes, and particles. You do not have to exhaust air, so your heat remains inside. The Merv 8 (45%) pleated pre-filters take out the larger particles and then the multi-pocket Merv 15 (95%) main bag filters take out the very fine particles. Read more