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Boondoggle: Fixing the 2012 Farm Bill

When Congress returns from its August recess, one of the first items it will take up is the 2012 farm bill, which proposes to spend almost $ 1 trillion over the next decade.

Over the past year, American Enterprise Institute (AEI) experts led by scholars Vince Smith and Henry Olsen have examined the farm bill and have authored numerous research papers and articles which explain that by eliminating some programs and restructuring others, taxpayers could save over $100 billion over the next 10 years without affecting the security of the US food supply chain.

Today AEI is launching, a one-stop shop for AEI research on the farm bill. Bringing together research papers, interactive maps, and a new two-minute video, the site explains why reform is necessary and charts a comprehensive path forward. Read more

Calmer Corn Heads’ 12-inch Row Corn Head at Boone Farm Progress Show

Calmer Corn Heads’ 12-inch Row Corn Head at Boone Farm Progress Show

Calmer Corn Heads’ 20 row 12-inch patented single chain corn head will be on display at the 2012 Boone Farm Progress Show (August 28-30th; Lot #1302).  This corn head is also equipped with the Calmer BT Chopper®Trash Reduction/Decomposition Kits.  Mr. Harry Stine and Stine Seeds have planted their STINE®high-density corn hybrids in 12-inch rows for harvest this fall in Iowa and purchased this corn head from Calmer.  Read more

Kwik-Trap Hydraulic Hopper Door Kit

The Kwik-Trap is Aero’s® newest automated electric over hydraulic pump system for hopper doors. This system is designed to produce more torque and provide easier operation than an electric model. Just two of the highlights you’ll find include a weather-resistant aluminum box housinga hydraulic pump under the trailer (designed for year-round protection) and a conversion switch with a simple pin that holds the manual latch open, allowing the Kwik-Trap™ system to be easily converted from manual to hydraulic operation.

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Legacy Offers Tension Fabric Buildings


Combining quality rigid frame engineering with the proven benefits of tension fabric, Legacy Building Solutions introduces the industry’s first line of fabric buildings to incorporate structural steel beams instead of open web trusses. This new engineering concept provides a high level of flexibility for a wide range of applications, including cattle and agriculture buildings.


Legacy buildings utilize a durable rigid frame in place of the hollow-tube, open web truss framing traditionally used for fabric buildings. Unlike hollow tube steel, Legacy’s solid structural steel beams are not vulnerable to unseen corrosion originating inside a tube.  This design also allows for wider or additional doors, eave extensions, interior columns, or additional equipment (like conveyors or sprinklers) on the sidewalls.

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Land Pride RCF30 & RCF36 Series Rotary Cutters

Land Pride RCF30 & RCF36 Series Rotary Cutters


Land Pride’s new RCF30 Series and RCF36 Series Rotary Cutters are available in 96" or 10' cutting widths and built to be tough for years of dependable use in the most demanding conditions. Both series offer 3-point, pull-type & semi-mount models, blade tip speeds exceeding 17,000 fpm, flat-top, 10-gauge decks with ¼" side skirts, and optional front and rear guarding. A five-year gearbox limited warranty is standard on all models.

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Fuelmate by Valley Engineering

Fuelmate trailers are designed to be the most advanced and complete service trailers on the market.  Fuelmates can be equipped with diesel fuel, new oil, waste oil, hydraulic oil, power greaser, tool drawers, and much more for complete remote equipment servicing.  All contents are stored in a lockable and weatherproof cabinet. Some of the many cabinet options include an air compressor, compressor and generator combination, or a generator-welder-compressor combination. 

Designed with the only independent tank suspension on the market, an advanced baffling system, and rectangular tubing frame, the Fuelmate is designed to be one of the safest and longest lasting trailers on the market.  Fuelmate is Department of Transportation (DOT) compliant with electric brakes, safety chains, and breakaways.  Read more

Reflective Insulation and Energy-Conserving Products

AstroECO Products from Innovative Energy, Inc. Innovative Energy has been developing high-performance reflective insulation and energy-conserving products since 1980. But the company’s commitment to sustainability does not end there. Its astroECO product line is made using recycled content, and its R+HEATSHIELD HD radiant barrier product is 100 percent recyclable. Innovative Energy offers a wide variety of environmentally friendly products, all of which are proudly made in the USA. Benefits of reflective products include increased energy efficiency, reduced energy consumption and costs, and improved interior comfort – all with thin and lightweight products designed to be safe and easy to install with no special tools or protective clothing required. From the building industry to materials for automotive, agricultural and temperature-sensitive packaging applications, the company offers a complete line of reflective products.

New Invertig 221 Packed with Features

New Invertig 221 Packed with Features

The new Invertig 221 AC/DC Inverter Welder allows you to produce professional welds with all types of metal!


With 220 amps of welding power and weighing only 40 lbs, it’s easy to take right to the job. Other features include independent AC amperage adjustment and adjustable AC frequency from 20 Hz to 200 HZ.


The Invertig 221 DC welder is designed to produce a smooth, stable arc. Coupled with the 221’s high speed DC pulse, it can make intricate work on mild steel, 4130, stainless, inconel and titanium a breeze. It allows storage of up to 64 separate welding programs and will stick weld in either AC or DC modes. Choose from Air Cooled, Water Cooled or Dual Voltage models. Every Invertig 221 comes with a 3-year warranty and a 90-day money back guarantee.



HTP America, Inc.

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Volume XII of the Antique Tractor Guide Published

Press Release

April, 2012

Volume XII of the Antique Tractor Guide Published Read more