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New Tool Evaluates Options for Reducing Odors in Livestock Operations

Photo Credit: Krista Stauffer, The Farmer's Wifee blogA team of Iowa State University Extension and Outreach specialists have developed an online tool to help livestock and poultry producers compare odor mitigation techniques that could be useful on their farms.

Air Management Practices Assessment Tool, AMPAT for short, is web-based and available at no charge at Read more

Is 2015 The Breakout Year For Unmanned Aerial Systems?

Why is that nearly every farm magazine you read today the hot trending topic is Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). The answer is simple. Over the foreseeable future the use of UAS is going to be a great addition to our farming operations. Let me explain how 2015 could be the breakout year for this technology.

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Finding Extra Profit This Fall

With each passing season there is a greater focus on technology in all aspects of farming. In this edition of "Technology Times" I will give you a few pointers that will help you increase your harvested bushels per acre without purchasing any new equipment.

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Farm Safety - Make It A Priority

“One child dies every three days on a farm. Every day 38 kids are injured in an agricultural related accident. It’s estimated that over 7700 kids were hurt on a farm in 2012.” - Farm Safety for Just Kids

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The Technology Race in ON - Is Your Operation Ready?

Telematics, iPad

Over the past five to eight years, agriculture has been experiencing a major shift in the acceptance and application of technology within our industry. This revolution, if you will, has been primary led by machinery manufactures that have been bringing exciting new products to growers.

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Farmers Create Device to Combat Wire Theft

Faced with a copper wire theft epidemic on grain bin facilities, three Lonoke County farmers have uncovered, and are now marketing, a theft detection system they believe will yield dramatic results in the fight against wire theft.

Farmers Scott Mitchell, Matt Schafer, and Jerry Kelly were each victims of copper theft on their grain bin facilities – Kelly several times. They tried to think of ways to thwart the thieves who had figured out how to beat camera monitoring systems and other theft deterrents. They also spoke to law enforcement to understand their rights and limitations in protecting their property.

Schafer went as far as staking out his farm at night. Read more

Unmanned Aerial Systems - Facts to Know in 2014

One of the most promising new agricultural technologies is the remote controlled Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). These systems offer farmers and operators the ability to monitor their crops in a quick and affordable way.

A great number of agricultural companies are currently investing millions in researching the full capabilities of UAS. Researchers will use infrared and thermal camera technology to measure the vegetative index of plants. This will allow for the detection of issues like disease, nitrogen deficiency, flooding, etc. The UAS technology is so promising universities around the country are developing programs so graduates can support this new industry. Read more

Twitter - the new coffee shop

If asked to describe a modern farmer, most wouldn’t use the words social media savvy. That, however, is becoming a more popular description. Farmers and coffee shops have gone hand-in-hand for decades. Over the last few years farmers have created a new coffee shop called Twitter. Twitter is a rapidly growing social media outlet that allows users from across the world interact. Read more

Lab On a Chip

Micro Sensors Make a Big Impact
Row crop growers, wine grape and other fruit growers, food processors and even concrete makers all rely on water sensors for accurate, steady, and numerous moisture readings. But current sensors are large, may cost thousands of dollars, and often must be read manually. Cornell University researchers have developed a state-of-the-art fingertip-sized silicon water sensor chip. This new technology is a hundred times more sensitive and considerably smaller than current devices. They hope to mass-produce the sensors for as little as $5 each.

More Crop per Drop - Industry Partnership to Help Growers Maximize Water Use

Industry Leaders Collaborate

What do you get when you combine an industry leading crop irrigation company and a leading global agribusiness—Water+ Intelligent Irrigation Platform. This is the brainchild of Syngenta and Lindsay Corporation. These companies have collaborated with corn growers and other industry leaders to gather a multitude of data, which helped them develop Water+ Intelligent Irrigation Platform, an entire agronomic system for irrigated corn growers.