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Cover Story: Sioux Steel Company

Sioux Steel factory workers & employees with owners Charles & Max Rysdon (third and second from the right).Sioux Steel Company has spent nearly a century focused on providing value to their customers. What started as a dream to start a steel corrugating business has grown into the only fourth-generation, family-owned company that manufacturers grain storage solutions throughout the world.

Founded in 1918, Sioux Steel manufactured steel ductwork for local construction projects. In the 1920’s, the construction-focused company began manufacturing hog feeders, stock tanks, barn ventilators, and grain storage bins for the agricultural industry . Read more

Farm Life: Sandwich Maker

Just the other day, I shared a graphic on my Facebook page from a fellow blogger, Tractor Jen. The graphic read, “Sometimes the most important people on the harvest crew are the ones that make the sandwich and do the laundry.” And I find this to be so true.

When most consumers think of agriculture, they visualize a man standing in overalls and a straw hat, holding a pitchfork—but there is so much more to farming beyond the farmer himself. It really takes a community of action for a farmer to be successful. This community includes roles such as the sandwich maker, the seed salesman, the tractor mechanic, truck drivers, the milkman, the veterinarian, scientists, and so many more. Read more

Back When: 1949 Massey Harris 22

After an ice storm hit Campbellsport, Wisconsin in March of 1976, Bill Breitzman saw that he would need a tractor to clean up the mess it left behind in his yard. Although he had driven tractors since he was five-yearsold, Bill had never owned a tractor of his own.
Twenty-eight miles away in Grafton, Wisconsin, Bill’s brother-in-law Ronnie Beck, of Kewaskum, Wisconsin, spotted a 1953 Massey Harris on the lot at Hemble Implement and suggested to Bill that he check it out.

ISU Extension: Fertilizer Nitrogen Application This Fall

Much of the primary fertilizer nitrogen (N) for corn is applied in the spring as pre-plant or sidedress, where efficiency of N use should be greatest. Fall N fertilizer application success can be enhanced by following several suggestions: only use anhydrous ammonia; apply in late fall after soils cool to 50 degrees F (4-inch depth) and are trending cooler (the colder the better, and most years in Iowa this is sometime in November); consider a nitrification inhibitor to further slow nitrification to nitrate; and avoid fall application to soils that are more prone to wetness or leaching (poorly or excessively drained soils).

Business Profile: Emerson Manufacturing

You never know where or when you’ll need to change a tire. No matter the challenging conditions or the size of the vehicle you’re operating, Emerson Manufacturing Corporation has a jack or lift to help you minimize downtime.

Emerson is a family-owned and operated company that has been designing, building, and selling professional maintenance shop service equipment since 1960. Company founder and owner Fran Voss had a jack-repair business in high school and later started a company to build the bumper jacks he was designing for

cars. In a few short years, Emerson changed its focus to fill a need in the market. “We decided to specialize in jacks for trucks and heavy equipment because equipment was getting so much bigger,” Voss says. Read more

Business Profile: AgCam

The AgCam® is a durable, reliable surveillance system with the innovative ability to be quickly moved from one application to the next. The AgCam, a product of Dakota Micro, Inc., is an American made product from an American company that shares the values of American farmers and ranchers. Dakota Micro has been manufacturing cameras for the agricultural industry for over 13 years.

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Farm Life: Farmers Go Old School on Weeds

Sometimes, the old-fashioned ways are the best ways.

Back before chemical pesticides and herbicides, farmers had to come up with ways to kill the weeds that took over their fields. One method used “back in the day” was letting pigs loose in fields that were not being used for crops for a season and allowing the pigs to do what they do naturally: dig up the roots of weeds and fertilize the land.

In the last year, Greg MacDonald, a weed science researcher with the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, decided to give the method a try to combat nutsedge, a weed that looks like grass and is so resilient it can sprout up through plastic row-crop coverings and even the plastic lining of above-ground pools. Read more

Back When: 1952 Ford 8N

Lawrence Duesman of Fletcher, Oklahoma, is pretty stuck on Ford tractors. He has restored ten antique tractors and eight of them were 8N models and the others were a Jubilee and a 641 Workmaster.
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Cover Story: Thunder Creek - The New Reality of Handling DEF

Over the past few years, refilling with Diesel Exhaust Fluid has become a part of regular maintenance on equipment that is 75hp and above. Depending on what machines you run, you may need to refill DEF as frequently as every time you fuel. The challenge is that DEF is different than most fluids we’re used to handling around the farm. Here’s what you need to know.




All diesel engines produce the same five emissions: Particulate Matter (PM), Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), Carbon Monoxide, Hydrocarbons and heat.

Feature Article: Meridian Manufacturing, Inc.

Meridian Manufacturing Inc. is all about solving industry issues with technology and a commitment to the highest quality. They help you move and store the commodities that drive your industry. They design products to make your job easier and safer, while saving you time and allowing you to capture valuable market opportunities. Innovation and quality are top of mind for Meridian, and it is with this in mind that they develop new and improve on existing products for your operation.

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