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The New Hoppercover From Signature Cover Makes Hopper More Accessible

Custom made Hoppercover grain tank extension covers cover the grain tanks on all makes and models of combines. They allow farmers to leave their combines in the field overnight without fear of rain damaging the grain. They also eliminate time spent cleaning wet grain out of hoppers. They can be left on while thrashing to prevent grain from blowing out. A brand new type of hoppercover system from Signature Cover allows the hopper to be either opened, or just partially opened.

The Hoppercover System is only for combines with dish-type extensions (both factory and aftermarket). The factory flip-up or screen extensions still use the aluminum bow system. The new hoppercover sells for $729 to $1249 depending on the combine extension model. Read more

Shivvers Now Has Drying Capacities Up To 1600 Bushels Per Hour

Take your grain drying to a high level with a Shivvers Performance System. No other drying method matches the performance of Shivvers in-bin continuous Counter-Flow Drying.

With a Shivvers Performance System you'll experience: Read more

New manual shows produce growers how to share machinery, cut costs

Labor remains one of the key challenges for fruit and vegetable growers who want to scale up their operations to serve increasing consumer demand for local produce. A new manual from Iowa State University Extension and Outreach and the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture offers one possible solution: sharing machinery. Read more

Mathews Company Announces Next Generation 12’ Tower Grain Dryer Series

Mathews Company (M-C) who has led the grain dryer industry in 10’ tower sales for nearly 25 years, announces plans for the “Next Generation” of their 12’ tower grain dryer series. This new design is based on operational experience that encompasses nearly 25 years in vacuum-cooled tower drying and follows in the success realized by the popular “Next Generation” 10’ Tower redesign.

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Meridian Introduces New Premium Portable Fuel Storage Trailers

Don’t let an empty tank slow you down this season. Meridian is proud to introduce the newest addition to our ever-expanding product line: the Meridian Fuel Trailer. Available in 990 U.S. gallons, the Meridian Fuel Trailer is the latest innovation in fuel transportation.

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S.I. Distributing Now Carrying SCH Pro Flex Lifter by Schumacher Company

S.I. Distributing has introduced a new product designed by the Schumacher Company; the SCH Pro Flex Lifter. This croplifter is specially designed for pulse crops such as edible beans, peas and lentils. The Pro Flex Lifter combines a simple design with durability for easier pulse crop harvesting.

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Gleaner Introduces GleanerCare for S8 Super Series Combines

Gleaner, the industry-leading transverse rotary combine brand from AGCO Corporation, has introduced the GleanerCare uptime assurance program for all Gleaner S8 Super Series combines. 

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The New MX Series From Kubota, Better Than Ever


For over 40 years, Kubota has continually developed products that meet or exceed the varying demands of valued customers in North America. The all-new MX4800 and MX5200 are the latest creations of Kubota’s ongoing pursuit for the best in tractor innovation and quality. Read more

The New Rhino flex-Wing Has Been Unleashed!

Rhino’s Flex-Wing cutters are designed for performance, reliability, and value. With seven models to choose from and 50 years experience, they know how to make them durable enough for any use. Read more

UF/IFAS study: Model may help growers mitigate costly droughts

www.npr.orgA University of Florida-created model may help growers plant at optimal times and avoid crop-destroying drought, which can cost millions of dollars in a given year, according to one of the tool’s creators.

If growers know when their crops need the most water, they can plant accordingly, said Keith Ingram, an associate scientist in UF’s agricultural and biological engineering department, part of the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. Read more