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New Cornell Alliance for Science gets $5.6 million grant

A new international effort led by Cornell will seek to add a stronger voice for science and depolarize the charged debate around agricultural biotechnology and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Supported by a $5.6 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Cornell Alliance for Science will help inform decision-makers and consumers through an online information portal and training programs to help researchers and stakeholders effectively communicate the potential impacts of agricultural technology and how such technology works. Read more

Southwest May Face ‘Megadrought’ This Century

Due to global warming, scientists say, the chances of the southwestern United States experiencing a decade long drought is at least 50 percent, and the chances of a “megadrought” – one that lasts over 30 years – ranges from 20 to 50 percent over the next century.
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Schweiss Doors Introduces Super Reinforced Doors For Agricultural Grain Storage Buildings

These Schweiss Hydraulic Doors are the first of a new line of doors built and designed specifically for grain / corn storage. Why use a regular bunker wall when a moving hydraulic door can do the same job and save you time and add security to your building. Read more

DC-Matic Model 900 Impact Wrench Now Available Through JiffyJump

JiffyJump heavy truck starters have a powerful partner you should know about—the DC-Matic Model TL-900 high-torque wrench. With specs like a ¾-inch drive, 24 VDC impact, LED work light, and the ability to be powered connected to your JiffyJump starter or its own additionally available power pack, this is the most powerful, portable, DC electric tool on the planet.

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John Deere Releases New, Comprehensive Tools to Manage Machine and Agronomic Data

John Deere introduces the MyJohnDeere Operations Center with intuitive, easy-to-use tools for customers to manage their machinery and develop agronomic insights. Data can be uploaded securely using backup tools or, right from the field using JDLink™, and the platform is open, allowing seamless sharing to trusted advisors. Read more

Get the Ultimate Harvest Experience With Geringhoff Rota Disc Elite XL Series

At Geringhoff, they know that harvest demands more from your equipment today than it has in the past. You farm bigger, go faster, work harder, and grow higher yields than ever before. When it comes to harvesting corn, is your corn head keeping up with your production goals? The pursuit of a 250+ bushel harvest has become a reality on many farms, but recovering it from the field effectively presents a challenge.

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Sunflower Unveils New 48-foot Vertical Tillage Tool

Sunflower®, the leading tillage line from AGCO Corporation, is expanding its tillage offering to include the new 6650-48 vertical tillage tool as part of the 6600 Series. The 6650-48 provides farmers with a class-leading, true working width of 47’ 11”. Read more

New Horizon Corp. Announces New Extended Line of Earth-Friendly Ways to Heat

New Horizon Inc. is announcing new extended line of Wood Pellet Boilers that provide safe and environmentally friendly way to heat your home and domestic hot water with wood pellets. The boiler uses wood gasification combustion (with a secondary combustion process), which gives a high, overall heating efficiency. Read more

Case IH Produces 150,000th Magnum Tractor

The 150,000th Case IH Magnum tractor was recently produced at the Case IH Racine, Wisconsin, plant. Each Magnum is unique and custom-built, allowing producers to select components to best meet the needs of their operation. Today’s Magnum lineup offers 180 to 380 rated horsepower, an improved operator environment and increased fuel efficiency from the only manufacturer with a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)-only solution to meet Tier 4 B emission standards.

Case IH •

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Ag Shield Expands Line of Hay Reconditioners With The New ReCon 400 3PP

The ReCon line of hay reconditioners gets even better for 2014 with the New ReCon 400 3PP. Based on our customer’s desire to make less passes down the field, the ReCon 400 3PP was designed to combine two 18ft swaths into on 36ft windrow. For many farmers, this reduces the need to make an additional rake pass after reconditioning the swath.

The ReCon 400 is able to achieve this with a hydraulically adjustable pivoting body that angles up to 20 degrees off center.  The ReCon 400 is mounted via a three point hitch for increased maneuverability and to handle rough fields and irrigation ruts. Like all ReCon’s, you can still expect to cut drying time 30- to 70-percent compared to traditional methods. Read more