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Where Has All The Soil Gone?

You may hear the phrase: “We are losing our soil.” Sounds serious…but how do we lose soil? Nick Comerford, a member of the Soil Science Society of America (SSSA) and professor at the University of Florida, provides the answer.

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New Holland Agriculture Rolls Out the Restyled Roll-Belt 560 Round Baler to Dealers

Get the most out of every season with the round baler that delivers higher capacity, the industry’s widest pickups, and the highest bale density – the Roll-Belt 560 Baler from New Holland Agriculture.

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Prairie Brand Seed Integrates Renze Seeds to Expand Business

Prairie Brand Seed is adding to its team to serve growers in five states including Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. On May 22, 2014, Renze Seeds became part of Prairie Brand Seed. The alignment of the two seed companies, both owned by Dow AgroSciences, under a single brand will build on Prairie Brand’s growth across the region.

“Prairie Brand is committed to connecting the world-class genetic research, trait development and other seed innovations of Dow AgroSciences with the specific seed needs of each customer we serve,” Dan Kallem, Prairie Brand Seed General Manager said. Prairie Brand will continue to focus on delivering progressive seed solutions that address growers’ needs. Read more

New Holland Launches Online Community Open to All Farmers

New Holland has launched an online community dedicated to the agricultural world, Open to all farmers and everyone with an interest in farming, My New Holland offers all the functionalities of a virtual community, providing a meeting place to contribute to farming related discussions and access premium contents and services. The My New Holland community is accessible either directly through its URL or following the link on the home page of the New Holland website at

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Tri-States Grain Conditioning, Inc. Announces Daniel Winkowitsch Named General Manager

Tri-States Grain Conditioning, Inc. (TSGC) recently announced that Daniel Winkowitsch has been named General Manager. Daniel has been the International Sales Manager at TSGC for the past 4 years and will continue those duties as well. Daniel is an Iowa native, but lived and worked in South America for many years. Daniel spent 18 years working with Avant Ministries in Ecuador in Leadership Development and Teaching before spending two years with Coca Cola in the same country, as Director of Corporate Social Responsibility. Daniel is married to Luisa Fernanda, they have 3 children: Natasha, Juan, and Sophia. Read more

DuPont Pioneer and AGCO Announce Global Collaboration

DuPont Pioneer and AGCO Corporation recently announced a global collaboration to bring wireless data transfer technology solutions to farmers in leading agricultural markets, including the United States, Canada, Brazil and key European countries.

MIRACO Livestock Water Systems are the “Originators of Insulated Poly Waterers”

The MIRACO Lil’ Spring is a multi-purpose waterer designed to be used with a 250 watt heater in cold climates or without in warmer climates. The Lil’ Spring 2900/2901 is ideal for those small spaces and is designed for horses, beef, and dairy. The Lil’ Spring has a capacity of 60 head and holds six gallons (23 liters). Other features include: Read more

John Deere rolls out new R4045 Sprayer for large farms, service providers

John Deere R4045 SprayerWith the introduction of the R4045 Sprayer, John Deere is adding a higher horsepower, large capacity self-propelled sprayer to the lineup of 4 Series sprayers introduced in 2013. The R4045, which replaces the company’s 4940 Sprayer, offers the high application rates, productive spray speeds, and all the technology and comfort that ag service providers and large producers need to cover large fields quickly and efficiently. Read more

Why Do Farmers Farm the Way They Do?

Farmers must be masters of adaptation—they must cope with changing federal policies, fluctuating crop prices, and advancing technology. A new report from the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture shows how farmers in northeast Iowa have adapted to change over the past 80 years. Read more

The Strength of Steel with the Touch of Family at Topline Steel Buildings

A family business, Topline Steel Buildings produces quality work made from 100% American steel. From commercial steel buildings to steel farm buildings, from recreational buildings to storage sheds, we do it all and we do it well. Over the years, we've earned our reputation as a premium producer of custom-made steel buildings.

While our home is in the heartland, we ship worldwide. Our business began with small jobs for Kansas farmers. Today, we build internationally for individuals, businesses, and governments. We still take great care of our good friends here in Kansas and the Midwest; and now, we offer the same detailed attention to the rest of the world! Read more