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Think twice before bashing farmers and their practices

After offending farmers everywhere with their aggressive ad campaign claiming local-raised food is healthier and anything else is just plain bad, Chipotle is feeling the effects of what some would call Karma.

According to Gary Truitt, Chipotle has seen a shift downward in its stock shares recently, falling 7% to $495.92. The burrito giant also saw its proposed executive pay plan voted down by 77% of shareholders last Thursday. Since the plan was denied, the entire pay structure of higher level employees within the company will now be reviewed. Read more

Biomass Producers and Energy Facilities Soon Can Apply for Qualification in Renewed Biomass Crop Assistance Program

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) today announced support for agriculture producers and energy facilities working to turn renewable biomass materials into clean energy. The support comes through the Biomass Crop Assistance Program (BCAP), which was reauthorized by the 2014 Farm Bill and will resume this summer.

Mueller Milk Coolers – The Quality Standard in Milk Cooling and Storage

You want quality equipment cooling and storing your source of income and Mueller® milk coolers set the world quality standard. They are known for their dependability and durability, so you can count on years of trouble-free performance. Mueller milk coolers also provide low operating costs, precise temperature control, and a wide range of standard features. Mueller milk coolers protect your milk and your peace of mind.

Mueller milk coolers feature double-wall construction to maintain temperatures and use their exclusive Mueller Temp-Plate® heat transfer surface for maximum cooling capacity and low energy costs. They are available in 13 sizes from 500 to 8000 gallons to suit the needs of both large and small dairy operations. Read more

KRONE AM-S Rear-Mounted Disc Mower Gives High-Quality Forage

A perfect and clean cut is at the heart of high-quality forage. As a result, it is not only the design of the cutterbar but also its suspension system that is important here. The KRONE rear-mounted AM-S disc mower featuring DuoGrip suspension not only suspends the mower in its center of gravity but also provides the unit with lateral guidance. The system maintains the ground pressure across the full work width and provides highest stability, lowest weight, and optimum side control.

Read more

Priefert Celebrates 50 Years of Farm, Ranch, and Rodeo

Founded by Marvin Priefert in 1964, Priefert has grown into one of the largest farm, ranch and rodeo equipment manufacturers in the world. When Marvin built his first headgate in a one room shop on his farm, he had no idea that his first piece of ranch equipment would help revolutionize the livestock handling industry and go on to become the foundation of one of the most respected ranch equipment manufacturing companies in the business. Now in its third generation of leadership, Priefert is still family owned and operated. Its product offerings have expanded to include cattle, equine, poultry, canine, and rodeo lines, making Priefert a one stop shop for all your farm, ranch, and rodeo needs. Read more

GEA Farm Technologies Adds Eating Time Analysis to CowScout™ Activity Monitoring System

Electronically monitoring cows for activity helps to automate the heat detection process, and supply more accurate breeding information for increased pregnancy rates. Activity monitors can also alert producers to health challenges ahead of clinical signs being visually observed, allowing for earlier treatment and avoiding a potential drop in milk production. To increase monitoring capabilities, GEA Farm Technologies has added eating time to the CowScout™ activity monitoring system. Read more

Mathews Company Announces Next Generation 12’ Tower Grain Dryer Series

Mathews Company (M-C) who has led the grain dryer industry in 10’ tower sales for nearly 25 years, announces plans for the “Next Generation” of their 12’ tower grain dryer series. This new design is based on operational experience that encompasses nearly 25 years in vacuum-cooled tower drying and follows in the success realized by the popular “Next Generation” 10’ Tower redesign.

Meeting the market demand for greater production capacities with high drying efficiency, the new models will replace the current series and will include three (3) sizes with capacities ranging from 2,000 bushels per hour up to 2,800 bushels per hour, based on 5-point moisture removal. Read more

Mahindra USA Celebrates 20 Years of Growth in North America

Since selling its first tractor in the United States in 1994, Mahindra USA has been on an upward trajectory earning its place among the top three U.S. tractor manufacturers in less than two decades. Mahindra USA, the world’s number one selling tractor brand based on volume, celebrates 20 years of growth with 13 straight record-breaking months of retail sales. Implements, attachments and parts business all continue to grow at a significant pace, up more than 50 percent overall, demonstrating MUSA’s across the board market strength. Overall, annual retail North American tractor sales grew more than 40 percent in 2013.

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Valley Irrigation Offers Advanced Technology for Soil Moisture Monitoring

Valley® Irrigation, the leader in precision irrigation, is putting the latest soil moisture monitoring technology into the hands of growers with Valley SoilPro™ 1200, powered by AquaSpy™. SoilPro 1200 has 12 sensors at 4-inch increments that communicate with crop roots and collect in-depth data from the soil about how much water the crop needs and how much it has used, according to Valley Product Manager Cole Fredrick.

SoilPro 1200 delivers the most detailed soil moisture data in an easy-to-understand format. This real-time data give growers the information they need to make smarter decisions and irrigate more efficiently.  Read more

Brock Adds Million-Bushel Capacity Models to its Line of EVEREST E-Series Grain Bins

Brock Grain systems have added high capacity models to its new line of EVEREST E-Series Grain Storage Bins. The new bin models are 132- and 156-ft in diameter and offer maximum storage capacities of up to 1.24-milliion and 1.3-million bushels respectively. The new line of bins now also offers Brock’s unique EVEREST SUMMIT SYSYTEM to more efficiently and uniformly connects the bins with LeMar Catwalk and Tower Support systems.

Brock’s EVEREST E-Series Bins are offered with a variety of grain drying systems and controls, conveyors, support structures, aeration and conditioning options, and sweep systems.

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