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Business Profile - Mid-Western Millwright

www.midwesternmillwright.comThe evolution of Mid-Western Millwright Inc. (MWM), located in Fort Morgan, Colo., began in 1997 with the joining of Coy Palmer and Tim Worthley. Coy began working in construction and metal fabrication at the young age of 14. And at 23-years-old Coy started Palmer’s Portable Welding. While running his business, Coy met Tim through sub-contract work. Tim was raised in Fort Morgan, and has been in the construction and welding business for 35 years.

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Cover Story: Thunder Creek Equipment - Maintaining the Purity of DEF

An Open Letter from Loren Van Wyk, an owner of Thunder Creek Equipment

Our company has deep roots in production agriculture.

For decades, my wife Jean and I farmed a few thousand acres in central Iowa alongside our metal fabrication business, LDJ Manufacturing. One of constant challenges on the farm was getting fuel out to the equipment safely and then getting the equipment fueled quickly. We were using a 1000-gallon fuel barrel mounted on running gear. It was functional, but could only be pulled at slow speeds and was dangerous.

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Cover Story - Bekaert: "the RIGHT fence, the FIRST time"

Whether you install your own fencing or hire a company to do it for you, one thing is certain — it isn’t a task you want to have to redo every 5, 10, or even 15 years.

It only makes common (and fiscal) sense to do it right the first time. When done correctly with the right materials, a high tensile fence can last as long as 50 years and is less maintenance than a traditional fence. In fact, you can build a longer-lasting high tensile fence for about half the price of a conventional low carbon fence.

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Auctioneer's Corner - Enlow Tractor Auction

Farm equipment and farmland auctions have been gaining popularity over the last decade for both buying and selling. Today we will introduce you to Enlow Tractor Auction, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. With 50-years of experience in the auction industry, Enlow has a proven formula to get the highest dollar for your equipment.

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Cover Story - Superior Manufacturing: Setting Superior Standards

More durability. Stronger roofs. Better manufacturing. Employees with true passion and integrity. These are just a few of the qualities that form the foundation of Superior Manufacturing. They are evident from the top down, both in the bins and the people who make them. Our owner, Claire Rauser, set the tone from the get-go.

Rauser got his start in the industry in 1977, and by the time he founded Superior Manufacturing in 2008 he had seen more than his share of bin damage. He witnessed the wrath of Dakota winds and snow and decided to put a stop to it with a better bin. When he founded Superior, it marked the beginning of something above the standard. Something Superior. Read more

Grain Bin Safety - Grain Engulfment & Entrapment

Did You Know...

  • Flowing grain behaves like quicksand.
  • In 4 seconds, an adult can sink kneedeep in the suction of flowing grain. At this point, he or she can’t free themselves without help.
  • An adult can be completely buried (engulfed) in 20 seconds. Most engulfed victims do not survive.

Grain engulfment and entrapment incidents are on the rise in recent years due to record harvests, larger storage facilities, and equipment that moves grain at faster rates than ever.

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Ag & Politics - What Does Agriculture Have To Do With Food Anyway?

It took the U.S. Congress a long time to agree on the Agricultural Act of 2014. The biggest sticking point was food assistance.

With the "Food for Peace" legislation in 1954, the U.S. got into the business of international food assistance. In 1964, it created the Food Stamp Act. And it wasn't until the Agriculture and Consumer Protection Act of 1973 that Congress routinely included food assistance programs in its periodic update of "farm programs". Read more

Auctioneer's Corner - Witcher Auctions

Witcher AuctionsFarm equipment and farmland auctions have been gaining popularity over the last decade for both buying and selling. Today we will introduce you to the second generation, family run Witcher Auctions, located in Wynne, Arkansas. Read more

Auctioneer's Corner - Pefley's Farm Equipment, Inc.

Farm equipment and farmland auctions have been gaining popularity over the last decade for both buying and selling. Today we will introduce you to Pefley’s Farm Equipment, Inc. located in Largo, Indiana.

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Cover Story: Byron Seeds - Promoting Positive Change in the Farming Industry

When we think of an environmentalist, we might think of stereotypical images of what or who an environmentalist is, but, believe it or not, I’m an environmentalist and so are you. Before you get insulted, think about it. There is no one in this country that has a greater impact on the environment than you. It’s unfortunate that we have too many well-intentioned people running around trying to convince everyone that they are the environmentalists and that we should listen to them when, in fact, environmentalism is what farmers practice all day, every day. I’m serious. No one has a greater opportunity to influence the environment than you. Read more